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Best Online Word Processors

If you don’t have a Word type of program installed on your computer, it’s no problem. Just use one of these online apps

Internet Marketing

Become a Software Mogul, No Experience Needed

I’ve seen fortunes made with this exact business model, yet most marketers are too scared to try it.
Here’s what you do:
Get an idea for a Wordpress plugin. You can either find a need and fill it, come up with a great idea on your own, or look at what’s available and figure out how to improve upon it.

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A free web app that takes the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews, videos, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Get Rich Selling $9 Products

If you run a WSO and sell 2,000 copies of a $9 product, how much have you made?
Odds are, you’ve made $0.
Even if you have upsells, you’re still probably walking away with a few hundred dollars at best.
Why didn’t you make money on the $9 product?