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How to Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff

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It took Gmail just 3 years to become the world’s most popular email service, and it did this by giving a gigabyte of storage away for free.

Do you know how much Google makes as a result of Gmail?

Billions of dollars per quarter.

Free works.

So how can you use free in your business?

The free reports model can work wonders. For example, I’ve seen one very successful marketer package 10 free reports into a bundle. Each report has a KILLER headline with a benefit and curiosity factor.

And he offers this bundle EVERYWHERE.

One of his favorite things to do is get his free offer bundle placed on the download pages of products by offering to promote those products to his list.

What product seller is going to say no to that offer? Of course, he carefully chooses products he knows his list will love.

This way he builds lists of buyers, not just tire kickers.

You might think that promising to promote so many products will burn out his lists, but he’s careful. He seldom promotes a product to all of his lists, but instead only promotes a particular product to the lists he knows will likely be interested.

That’s right – he has his lists segmented based on where he got his subscribers. This way he promotes traffic products to people interested in traffic and blogging products to people who purchase a blogging product and so forth.

And he continues to write free reports and sends them out to his lists for free. No new sign up required.

His subscribers LOVE this. He gets more email opens because of it, and when he promotes a new product of his own, sales are fantastic.

Free works. Have you ever been in a store when they were giving out samples? Sales for that product shoot up dramatically. Have you ever seen a new dentist offer free exams and xrays? In 6 months they have a full load of patients.

Think about how you can use freebies to create stellar impressions and lifelong customers.

Free is still as powerful as when Google launched Gmail. You just have to figure out how to make it work for you.